Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) Network setup

 I wanted to create an educational site where I can share our journey in setting up a SOHO Network, the Hardware, its configuration, lesson learnt and resources that I have found helpful while navigating this complex area. I'm not a Networking professional, however I have spent over 25 years in IT, so have had a bit of a head start. 

We generate massive amounts of data, located everywhere from PC's, Phones and USB hard-drives. Our internet connection is typically connected directly to our network and every device is connected to a single Network from TVs to Printers and it might suppress you just how many devices you have. 

Security and Performance plays a major part in why I needed to improve my setup and Its my hope you find this site a help.   

 The site contains a complete start to end setup, resources and tips.  I have also included instructions and guides to help support.